Yes, you can definitely stop your subscription to any of our services at any time by informing us directly or by unsubscribing on the platform.

Yes, you have the liberty to pause your subscription at your convenience. Please follow the instructions given below.
1. Log in to your dairy farm profile.
2. Click on pause subscription.
3. Select the start to end pause period.
4. Click on ok.
Once done, we would contact you to confirm your request post which we will go ahead and pause the subscription.

a) Clink on the URL:
b) Click on the subscribe tab.
c) Select the dairy product, the brand you prefer and the quantity you require,type of subscription etc.
d) Click on start subscription.
e) You will then have to make the payment for your subscription. f) On making the payment, you will receive a confirmation email regarding your order.
If you face any issues in placing your subscription then do remember that we are always here to assist you.

On pausing your subscription, you will not be charged for the specified period and the balance amount will be carried forward when you activate your plan. We will adjust this in your next monthly subscription.

We do not offer any returns until and unless the product is either damaged or is unfit for consumption. We would replace the product the very next day in such a scenario.

Since we follow a prepaid model, on subscribing to our services, after your first invoice, the next invoice will be raised on the 20th of every month. To continue with our services, the subscriber can pay the invoice anytime between 20th-30th/31st. You will also be given timely reminders to make the payment. If you fail to make the payment within the time frame then you will be given a grace period of additional 3 days. Post which, if the payment is not received by us then we will have to pause our services until the dues are paid in full.

Dairy Farm is a Goan based Startup with an online platform that offers to deliver milk and other dairy products to all households before 7:30 a.m.Currently, we are only delivering in Panjim.

No, we do not accept cash on delivery. We only accept NEFT and Google pay as we encourage cashless payments taking into account the current scenario.

Unfortunately, we do not offer any of our services on credit. We follow a prepaid subscription plan to ensure a seamless customer experience. We do provide a grace period when it comes to renewing your subscription on a monthly basis.